One of the pioneers and most international central SOEs

China Merchants Group was founded in 1872 by Minister Li Hung Chang and has more than 140 years' history of business legend. CM Group is a pioneer and forerunner of China's reforming and opening. Since 20th centry, CM Group founded a number of global famous companies like CM Bank, China Ping An, CIMC, CM Securities, etc.


CM Group is one of China's largest multinational corporations with rich experience in cross-border mergers and acquisitions.

China's first venture capital and industry fund management corporation

CM Group has been managing equity investments for many years. As early as 1987, CM Group co-founded Chinese Kezhao high technology company, which is China's earliest equity investment firm. CM Group also founded CMCDI, China's first US dollar fund, in Hong Kong back in 1993. CMCDI went public later that year. The equity investment subsidiaries of CM Group have completed a number of classic investment cases such as Han's Laser, Industrial Bank, NBA China, Wanda Commercial Real Estates, etc.

Before the introduction of strategic investors, China Merchants Capital was a unified management and development platform for the investment business of China Merchants Group. On one hand, it integrated and upgraded multiple institutions engaged in investment business under the Group, including China Merchants Technology Group, China Merchants China Direct Investments Limited,China Merchants Yinke Equity Investment Center and China Merchants Kunlun, etc .;on the other hand, the introduction of an international elite team in a market-oriented manner is committed to forging China Merchants Capital into a leading domestic alternative asset investment management institution in both scale and efficiency, while obtaining international fame.

Forerunner of industry and finance integration

As a professional alternative investment platform, from its inception, CMC shouldered CM Group's "industry and finance integration" strategy. CMC has collaborated with CM Property Development and Shekou Industrial Zone for many times and launched several projects together since 2012.

International management team

China Merchants Capital implement market-oriented remuneration, constraints and incentives to attract domestic and foreign professionals to join, through the rapid development of our business, maintaining and strengthening the company's personnel, enhance the professional competence of the team. China Merchants Capital has a number of operational capacity and experience with transnational elite team, with professional investment team more than 200 people. Among them, senior management and fund management team is responsible for an average of more than 20 years of industry experience, to achieve good investment performance provided human resources and support.

International first-class fund management platform

GLP is a leading global investment manager and business builder in logistics, real estate, infrastructure, finance and related technologies. With GLP’s comprehensive strength in fundraising, fund management and investment operations, China Merchants Capital will be able to introduce advanced management concepts and market-oriented mechanisms, bringing positive returns for investors.

China Merchants Capital has a centralized and unified mid- and back-end service system. The risk control, legal compliance, and financial management involved in the investment business are directly provided by China Merchants Capital Headquarters, which greatly improves investment quality and reduces investment risks. At the same time, China Merchants Capital continues to promote the construction of fund management informatization, and realizes the full-cycle coverage of fund management operations with information technology. Fund management has been fully standardized, normalized and streamlined, effectively presenting the current status of investment in different dimensions.