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China Merchants and China Merchants Capital leaders met with Li Pei Yu, Chairman of China Reinsuranc

Date:2015.09 From:Admin

China Merchants and China Merchants Capital leaders met with Li Pei Yu, Chairman of China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation.


September 7, 2015, Deputy General Manager of China Merchants China Merchants Su Xingang, China Merchants Capital and general manager Li Yinquan , China Merchants Finance Holdings Co., Ltd Chief Financial Officer Liu Jie, China Merchants Securities CEO Yang Fan, China Merchants Capital Deputy General Manager, China Merchants Kunlun Capital Co., Ltd., general manager Guo Jian and other financial institutions met with leaders in Shekou, Shenzhen, China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation, Chairman Li Peiyu.


Su Xingang, deputy general manager of China Merchants China Merchants welcome behalf chairman Li Peiyu visit. Su briefed the guests on China Merchants history, expounded China Merchants Finance, Properties, integrated transport and other major business segments of operation and strive to achieve the "Champion of three world", "four leading international" strategic objective. Su looks forward to in wider areas and China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation and strengthen cooperation. General Manager Li Yinquan introduced China Merchants Capital's business profile, it is proposed to start as soon as the two sides butt on specific projects.


Chairman Li Peiyu thanked the enthusiasm of China Merchants China Merchants. Li introduced China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation operating conditions, share the situation with China Merchants Capital projects have been launched. Li would like to take the opportunity to establish long-term business relationship with China Merchants, explore opportunities for deeper cooperation.


The two sides also discussed the development of the insurance industry and capital markets business exchange of views.


Vice President of China Reinsurance (Group) Corporation Yu Qing, Asset Management and Head of Listing Office Deputy Director Zhou Lizhu, Deputy Director of the Office Liu Shukai, China Merchants Kunlun Capital Co., Ltd. Director General Manager Yang Guang, they attended the meeting.


Before meeting, general manager Li Yinquan, deputy general manager Guo Jian, accompanied by chairman Li Peiyu visit and the Merchants History Museum, the Qian Hai exhibition hall, China Merchants Square, guests were deeply impressed with industrial development, the history, and the culture of China Merchants. (Text / Huang Da, Pictures / Zhang Peng)


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