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China Merchants Capital signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Techand

Date:2015.11 From:Admin

China Merchants Capital signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Techand


       November 6, China Merchants Capital and Shenzhen Techand Ecology & Environment Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen. Deputy General Manager of China Merchants Capital, The Belt and Road fund official Yang Baiqian representing the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Techand chairman Liu Shui. China Merchants Capital General Manager (CEO) Li Yinquan, assistant general manager Liu Chaoan, Techand senior executive vice president Ouyang Xiong, Secretary of the Board Yang fengyuan, general manager Qin Ying and deputy general manager Zhang Wulong financial center, etc. witnessed the signing ceremony.


    At the signing ceremony, General Manager Li Yinquan gave Liu Shui , chairman of his party briefed China Merchants Group, China Merchants Capital's history, mission and objectives of development, noted that the two sides more opportunities for cooperation, potential, will better integrate existing resources to achieve win-win development. Techand chairman Liu Shui, considered China Merchants Capital as a subsidiary of China Merchants specializing in alternative investment management platform, high commercialization, marketing and international level, resources obvious advantages, rich experience in capital operation, broad prospects for future cooperation. The two sides will actively respond to the national "The Belt and Road" development strategy, give full play to their respective advantages in resources industries, and to expand the country's eco-friendly, water environment management, eco-tourism and municipal infrastructure construction markets and explore professional, efficient mode of operation, to achieve cooperation win.


    Shenzhen Techand Ecology & Environment Co., Ltd was established in 2001, it is a national high-tech enterprises, China's environmental protection industry, the backbone enterprises, ecological restoration and environmental construction Chinese leader. 2011 listed in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, is the first ecological environment construction GEM listed companies. Techand main eco-tourism and landscape construction and operation, and has a water pollution control engineering design class, environmental engineering contractor level, an urban landscape, landscape design of special Class A, and afforestation projects, tourism planning and design , pollution control project and a number of professional qualifications.


    The signing of the cooperation agreement, in order to give full play to their own resources, channel, industry, information and other advantages, continue to strengthen business collaboration and innovation, and establish both sides in the environmental water treatment, urban infrastructure and broader business long-term and stable strategic partnership , active distribution of capital markets, promoting the Combination, explore The Belt and Road Urban Development fund investment opportunities and cooperation model, resource sharing, win-win cooperation provides a good opportunity. (Text / Feng Zhi, Huang Da, Pictures / Huang Da, Techand)


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