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CMC has centralized back-office for all funds under management. Centralized back-office includes risk control, legal & compliance, finance, human resources, administration, etc.


CMC has a team of experienced finance professionals, who are familiar with a variety of financial structures and modes of operations in both domestic and offshore funds.

2.Risk Management
CMC has established a sound risk management system, continuously monitors risks through every step of the investment process.

3.Legal & Compliance
CMC has a senior professional team of legal & compliance, who have extensive experience in fund formation, structuring, and transaction.

4.Investor Relations
CMC has a dedicated team who are responsible for investor relations management, investor database maintenance, and prospect investors sourcing.

5.Research & Development
CMC R&D firm have solid research knowledge, share research results within CM Group. The team provide researches on macroeconomic, industries, corporates.

China Merchants Capital realizes the full-cycle coverage of fund management operations by with information technology. Fund management has been fully standardized, normalized, and streamlined, effectively presenting the current status of investment in different dimensions.