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Mr. Rizhong Zhang


He is currently Director and CEO of China Merchants Capital Investment Co., Ltd. and General Manager of China Merchants Investment Development Co.,

He has served successively as Deputy General Manager of the Finance Department of China Merchants Group, Assistant to General Manager of China Merchants Holdings (UK) Holding Company, Chief Financial Officer, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, Deputy General Manager and Chief Financial Officer of China Merchants Holdings International Co., Ltd., Director of Listed Companies, Supervisors. Led the team to issue bonds and equity financing in the international capital market on many occasions. He has hosted or participated in M & A and financing negotiations of CICT, Djibouti Port, and Chiwan Bay in the domestic and international greenbelt projects. All the way "overseas strategic investment and investment and financing platform construction has extensive experience.

He graduated from China Central University of Finance and Economics and the University of Westminster, the Chinese accountant, the British Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Mr. Jian Guo

COO、General Manager

Mr. Guo currently serves as General Manager and COO of China Merchants Capital Investment Co., Ltd. as well as CEO of China Merchants Kunlun Capital. 

Prior joining CMC, Mr. Guo held several senior positions at China Merchants Securities and its subsidiaries. Before that, Mr. Guo was General Manager of Shenzhen Zhongda Capital and Partner of Shenzhen Licheng Accounting Firm. Mr. Guo received his EMBA degree from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Maritime University.

Mr. Baiqian Yang

Deputy General Manager

Mr. Yang currently serves as Deputy General Manager of China Merchants Capital. 

Prior joining CMC, he held several senior positions such as Deputy General Manager of China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone. and Chairman of China Merchants Technology Group, etc. Mr. Yang has engaged in investment and management for decades and is extremely experienced in business management, investment management as well as capital operation. Mr. Yang holds an MBA degree from Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Control Theory from Nankai University.

Mr. Xiaohua Huang

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Huang currently serves as CFO of China Merchants Capital.

Prior to joining CMC, he was director of finance department of China Merchants Group, vice director of Finance department of China Merchants Holdings International, CFO of Shenzhen Magang Depot & Port, and CFO as well as Secretary of the Board of Zhanjiang Port Group. Mr. Huang has participated in audit, consulting and tax planning for a number of listed companies such as Bank of China, China Merchants Bank and Yantian Port.

Mr. Huang holds a master’s degree in Management and a bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Auditing from Sun Yat-sen University.

Mr. Hongtao Feng

Deputy General Manager

Mr. Feng currently serves as the deputy general manager of China Merchants Capital, as well as the CEO of China Merchants Huihe, Sanxin, Huide and Huiming capital management companies. Besides, Mr. Feng is the representative of the executive partner of CCT China Merchants, Chongqing Huilin, Jingzhou Huikang and Qichun Medical funds. He also acts as the chairman of Wuxi Hodgen Technology co., ltd., the director of Realcan Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., Porton Pharma Solutions Ltd. and other companies.

Mr. Feng has worked as the senior MD of China Merchants Kunlun and many other important roles in China Merchants Group, he has about 20 years of experience in equity investment, M&A, industrial integration, industrial investment and business management, and he is responsible or joint implementation of domestic and foreign investment of about 6 billion USD. 

Mr. Feng is a Master of Business Administration, University of Louisville, USA, a Bachelor of International Finance, Renmin University of China, he has Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certificate and is a member of the Hong Kong Association of Financial Analyst.